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The #1 tool for creating beat videos, simple & fast.

Render multiple videos in different formats within seconds without re-rendering your audio. Music 2 Tube respects your production quality.

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Put out as many beats as you can, don't let render time get in your way

Create beat videos in bulk

Beat videos in bulk

Create multiple beat videos at once.

No audio re-rendering

No audio re-rendering

Music to Tube respects your beat audio quality.

Export videos for YouTube and Instagram

YouTube & Instagram

Create beat videos for YouTube and Instagram at once.

GIF animations

GIF Animations 

Create beat videos with GIF animations.

Customize beat videos

Customize beat videos

Customize the image in the video and background.

Watermark videos

Watermark videos

Let people know the video is yours.

What producers say about us

It's a nice program because you can export multiple videos at the same time, for example 10 videos within seconds. It's simple and user friendly.

Speedy Beatz Speedy Beatz

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"It's insane how many beats I've been able to upload on my channel without spending hours rendering videos.
It makes the whole process for internet music producers so much easier."


Create with Music 2 Tube

This is an example of what you can create with music to tube. With music to tube you can create such videos within seconds!

Videos with GIF animations

Static images can be a bit boring, so why not up your game? with Music 2 Tube you can create beat videos out of GIF animations easy and fast.
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